Review of The Beast of Weissburg

The Beast of Weissburg by Emma Fox is a fairytale-like fantasy story. It follows the life of a determined, yet out of place, girl named Anna. Anna lives on and tends to a farm with her uncle. They reside in peaceful Dinkelbaum, but the beast has returned to Weissburg, and there is trouble in the kingdom. Anna meets a young man, Warren, in the mysterious Grünwald forest. He is even more mysterious than the forest, but she is fascinated with him and undaunted by his secrets. Anna uncovers the truth about the beast and eventually saves the kingdom of Weissburg.

The Beast of Weissburg is a fresh story that is a contender with the classic fairytales like Snow White and Cinderella. Emma Fox gives Anna, the princess of the story, an inner beauty that drives her to defeat the evil that plagues her home. Dinkelbaum and the Grünwald forest come alive in the Beast of Weissburg. The setting is staggeringly beautiful and perfectly depicted by Emma Fox as she gives it that life. The Beast of Weissburg captured my heart with both its intricate details and charming characters. I enjoyed every part of Emma Fox’s magnificent novel. I encourage everyone to read it and be blown away by how artistically it is written.

You can find out more about Emma Fox, the talented author of The Beast of Weissburg, here.


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