Courage Lost: My Greatest Fears

I combined all of my greatest fears into one really scary story…

Night swept over my small Kentucky town like an inky black sheet, staining the streets with darkness. Crickets chirped outside my bedroom window, singing to the moon. Even though it was 90 degrees outside, I was wrapped in a quilt and two sheets. I could hear the sound of my sisters breathing. In. Out. In. Out. This was my lullaby. I wrapped the blankets around me, hoping to keep my nightmare teeth from nibbling on my skin. They didn’t really have faces. They were only made of blade-like teeth and bony hands. I was especially worried about my toes. I imagined their twig fingers gripping my ankles, their too cold to be alive touch. I imagined their teeth grating through the flesh of my feet, tearing at my nails and ripping them off. I imagined the bloody stumps that would be left. My toes tunneled deep into the cocoon that I’d made.

I lay in bed, staring at the shadows that crept along the walls of my bedroom, listening to my sisters sleeping and the low rumble of passing cars. I hoped to fall into slumber soon, to dream about my crazy nighttime worlds, but as my eyes fell upon the huge, oval mirror across the room, my breath caught. Any idea of sleep abandoned me, as I found a pair of eyes staring back at me. The eyes belonged to an empty face, a mere shadow, an outline of a person. It looked like a girl, young, with delicate lips that lifted into a haunting smile. A shudder ran through me and my limbs stilled. Don’t move. Don’t breathe. I slammed my eyes shut, hoping that the face would slip back into the dark, back into the walls. It was my imagination running wild, running through haunted houses and shiver worthy nightmares, beckoning the monsters to come and play. Go to sleep, I told myself. It’s not real. She’s not real.

I listened for the sound of my sisters breathing, searching for comfort in the soft whisper of air leaving their lungs, but heard only silence echoing through the room. I peeked at my sister’s bed, hoping to see her fast asleep, but she wasn’t there. Her bed was empty except for a tangle of white sheets. My other sisters were gone as well. They were here only moments ago, asleep and breathing the same as me. I would have heard them move. The floor would have whined. Their feet would have thumped on the ground. Panic hit me. Where were they? Why weren’t they here? They should have been there. They should have been dreaming in their beds. Did I fall asleep? I couldn’t have. I was awake the whole time.

The girl’s face was still in the oval mirror. This time, she was full on grinning at me, baring razor teeth that hardly looked human. I didn’t know her, this strange ghostly girl, but I knew those teeth from my nightmares. Those teeth had decimated my feet. A terrifying though hit me. She was going to eat me. Alive. My heart thrummed in my ears, louder than ever. No, this was a nightmare. This wasn’t real. But it was. I was awake. I could feel the heat of Summer on my skin. I couldn’t move as she reached for me with the same skeletal fingers I had imagined wrapped around my ankles.

Suddenly, the adrenaline kicked in, and my legs kicked the quilt off. I climbed over the edge of my bunk bed, wincing as my feet slammed against the hard wood floor. Everything inside of me was alive and screaming at the top of its lungs. I raced out of my bedroom, tripping down the back stairs and wondering at the emptiness of the house. The only sound I could hear was my feet, drumming on the floor. Alone. I was going to die alone. I reached the dining room and sprinted for the light switch. The light would save me. Nothing bad happened when the light was on. I felt a sharp pain in my side as I rammed into the corner of our solid dining room table. I recovered quickly, slapping my hand against the wall desperately where the light switch was located. As soon as I found the light switch, I flipped it on. Nothing was behind me, but I felt strangely haunted, as though eyes were watching me from everywhere, imagining how my flesh would taste. I stood with my back pressed against a wall, so that nothing could take me by surprise from behind. My breaths were ragged from sprinting. I closed my eyes for the smallest of seconds, wishing for my nightmare to end.

This will be continued soon. It’s going to get a lot worse and lot crazier. Hope you’ve enjoyed the insides of my paranoid mind!


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