Writing for Yourself

Do you ever worry about what others think about your writing? Do you doubt your skills? Do you read through your work and wonder why you ever felt like you were putting any effort in? Writing takes effort. It takes creativity. It takes heart and soul and every other little human aspect that you have. To be successful, to be an amazing writer, you need to be yourself. Respect that you are a changing writer. Respect that you are growing, whether it is slow or fast. Respect that every word you put down is from your mind, even if you are influenced by society. You, and only you, set the bar for quality.

Here are some reasons why you will be a better and happier writer if you write for yourself:

  1. If you love what you are writing, it will show in your work. It will be of a higher quality, and readers will feel your love. It’s the same with cooking. If you love cooking the food, it will taste better.
  2. You only need you for motivation. You don’t have to wait for the comments to come pouring in. You don’t have to show your writing to anyone. It’s yours and no one else’s.
  3. You will write more often if your work is entertaining to you, and, because you spend more time writing, you will get more practice. More practice leads to improvement.

Remember this: you are a far better writer than a computer. As a human, your words are utterly raw and alive, something that no computer can offer. Your passion, your emotion, and your creativity is the lifeblood of whatever you write. Be human. Be yourself.



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