Courage Lost: My Greatest Fears 2

So, this is the ending to my other post. If you haven’t read that one, then I suggest you do.

A single hollow knock sounded at the front door and resonated throughout the silent, shadowed house. I pulled my body into a stiff crouch behind the dining room wall, bathing in the safety of the chandelier above. The ghost with the razor teeth and the bony fingers was nowhere to be seen. I was alone again, stifling my breaths behind one hand and crossing my fingers with the other. Please be my family, I begged. I knew it wasn’t. They didn’t have to knock. They could get in if they wanted.

There was a loud bang at the door and then another. It sounded like someone trying to hammer a nail into a wall with bad aim. Then, there was a solid thud, a body, not just a fist. Slowly, ever so slowly, the knocking spread. It was everywhere. In the living room, the ceiling, the walls. The house was shivering from the pressure. A pale hand slapped against the dining room window, and I nearly screamed. The white fingers clawing at the window were covered in thick, red blood that smeared on the glass. Bile rose in my throat, and my head swam with words: run, scream, hide. Still, I didn’t move from my crouch.

Soon, other human parts were pressing against the dining room window: giant, hollow eyes; squirming, bloody guts; red, scabby stumps; head without bodies. I wanted to close my eyes, to look away from the horrific sight in front of me, but I was frozen still. A high-pitched sound rang in my ears, and I realized that I was screaming, a sound that was strangely foreign to me. A pale fist broke through the dining room window, covered in a several crimson cuts. They were going to get in. I had to defend myself.

I raced for the kitchen, flipping as many light switches on as I could. The window in the kitchen had a dead-looking face pressed against it. It was maimed, and the nose missing. All that was left were two dark holes were the nose should have been. It bared inhuman razor teeth at me that reminded me of the ghost girl. She wasn’t so scary anymore. I pulled out a drawer filled with knives and found one that fit nicely in my hand. I could do some damage with it.

My plan was to get out of the house and make a run for it. I would have to fight off some of those monsters, but the knife was all I needed. I ran to the front door, trying to ignore the limbs and the pale human-like things and the jamming, clawing fingers in the windows. The door was half smashed in. A pallid humanoid was still slamming against it. Spit dripped from its torn mouth. It stopped for a moment to look at me with hungry eyes, then threw itself at the door again. The door fell in. I had to fight or die.

It charged towards me, reaching out, starved and wild, baring its bladed teeth. I faltered then jammed the kitchen knife into its neck. It let out a savage howl but kept grappling at me.  It was uncoordinated, though, and I had an easy advantage. I pulled the knife out of its neck and pierced both of its bleeding eye sockets, blinding the tormented beast. After kicking its legs out from underneath it, I raced for the door. Strangely there was nothing else waiting for me outside. I was free, but I needed to find my family. What if they had been attacked by the pale monsters, too?

The night was not silent, though. A thick rumble filled the small town, a whooshing, splintering rumble. I turned my head, and saw that the dark, moonlit horizon was completely veiled by one monumental wall of water. My stomach dropped with pure terror. The pale monsters squirmed and wriggled away from the windows, fleeing. Run. Run. My legs were pumping as I sprinted through the empty streets. Cats yowled in fear. I turned my head for a second to see that the water had swallowed the majority of Richmond, including the tall bell tower that stood on Main Street. It would bury me in seconds.

My foot caught on an indention in the street, and I fell forward, scraping the skin off my hands. My palms burned, but I pushed myself up to my feet, and swallowed my last breath of air as the mammoth wave fell upon me. The water was everywhere. In my ears. Nose. Eyes. Choking. Suffocating. Stealing the air from my lungs and filling them with cold. It felt as though a block of ice had landed inside me, but somehow I was on fire. I pumped my arms and legs, surging towards the top of the wave, but it kept rolling and pushing and squeezing, until I had no oxygen to move. No struggle to give.

I drowned to death that night and woke to find myself enveloped by the warmth of Summer, with air filling my lungs instead of icy water. My sisters were still in their beds, but they were stirring. I was more grateful than ever for another day of life to spend with my family.

Hope you enjoyed my nightmare story. Please comment and like. Thank you for reading!




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