Weird Things Fiction Writers Do

Writing fiction take a lot of imagination. It takes the ability to create a realistic world, realistic characters out of only words. Consequently, fiction writers are all crazy or in the process of losing their minds. We do a lot of weird things. Here are a few:

  1. We talk to ourselves. Dialogue has to be perfect, and what’s a better way to tell if it is than to read it out loud? It gets even weirder when we try out different voices for the characters.
  2. We narrate our lives. Have you ever been doing something like making a sandwich and heard this voice in your head? A voice that’s familiar. It’s your own. You’re in your own story, and that sandwich is really important to the plot. Sometimes it happens when I’m just walking on the sidewalk or taking a shower. Narrating your life can give you some untraditional writing practice, and I guess it’s fun.
  3. We watch people. We are looking for details that we missed before. If you are trying to write something realistic, the best way to do this is to see what is real. We watch to see how people interact, what facial expressions they make, or we are trying to find ideas for a new character.

All of these practices are necessary to creating awesome fiction. Also, there are probably a bunch of other strange things that writers do that I haven’t mentioned. Please comment, and thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve found, that since I’ve started writing, my text messages have become longer and more detailed. Instead of telling a simple story of something that happened in my day I go into an elaborate spiel full of details and practically write a short story over a very small event

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